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It's flea season.  Our winter in Pensacola was so mild that it didn't kill the bugs.  Both of our cats are itching.
Our vet recommends using Advantage.  She said that the cheaper flea drops are not good for a cat, and they build up in the cat's liver.  She also said that they don't last as long.  They must have been invented for northern, yankee, cats.
Advantage is expensive, so to cut the cost, I purchased the drops for large cats.  I put half a tube on each cat, thereby making it the correct dose.
Of course, I wrote "half a tube per cat" on the box, just in case another family member isn't as thrifty as I am.
The Boy Scouts national executive board has  decided to take the question of whether to lift the ban on open homosexuals to the Scouts’national meeting in May. 
The full story can be found here:

It’s important to note that the rule is against openly gay people, not just gays in general.  Being against “openness” is not a case of discrimination.  It is the same rule that everyone must follow.  If a married couple goes camping, they are required to sleep in separate tents so that they are not“open” about their marriage.  Men are not allowed to discuss a roll in the hay, regardless of who they were rolling with.  A Venture Crew leader is not allowed to date any of the youth, regardless of their gender.

 The rule against being open is there to protect the youth.  The basic premise is
that sex of any kind is not a part of the program. Giving the youth a safe environment is more important than the adult’s right to discuss their orientation, whatever that orientation might be.  A scout is courteous, which sometimes means that you put your own personal wants behind the needs of the many.

 Scouts have the right to do this.  Every club in America has the right to say what the members will and will not do. You don’t join a Harley club if you ride a Yamaha.  The
Classic Chevy Club is not taking away anyone’s right to drive a Mustang.  A club is for people to share a common ideal, and a Chevy club has the right to prefer Chevys if they want to.

 Like it or not, every law and rule is based upon what the worst example of a group is doing.  Cameras are in stores because of the worst shoppers. Speed limits are
posted because of the worst drivers.  The rules have to be there, because you can’t bust someone for breaking a rule if there isn’t a rule to break.

 But there is a loophole to the rule. Boy Scouts do not discriminate against virgins or celibates.  Virgins are considered to be engaging in morally straight behavior.

 A scout is reverent.  That means that a scout respects another person’s right to hold a belief or opinion.  Protesting a rule that everyone has to follow is not a reverent thing to do.   It is not a courteous thing to do either.  The needs of the many outweigh the
wants of the few.  Children have
the right to be safe.