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Melanie Worlds has run out of luck; no job, no friends, no future.  Desperately wanting to replace the middleclass life she once knew up on “the Hill”, her faith is being tested to the limits.  JT, her newest friend, is up to something, but Melanie isn’t sure what it is. 
And then Brad, her high school crush, comes back to town.  She can’t let him know how bad it is, or he’ll lose all respect for her. And, to make matters worse, someone is trying to break into her apartment.  

None of her prayers are getting answered, and she feels all alone.  But she’s not. 
Two guardian angels have been assigned to help these three humans.  The angels know God’s plan, and it’s going to take everything they’ve got to pull it off.  To battle temptation, the angels will need to instill courage; courage to dare, courage to dream, and most of all, courage to love one

“A stunning story of angels, wonder and redemption. Prepare to be amazed.”  Duffy Brown, author of “Iced Chiffon” and “Killer in Crinolines”
“This is a novel with a lot of heart and with fully fleshed-out characters that we come to care about.”   T. J. Banks, author of “Sketch People:  Stories Along the Way”

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On Higher Ground will be published by Create Space in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for more information, or see the author's profile at

This review of Stars Shine After Dark was written by Tanya Vought who hosts the Book Obsessed Momma blog at
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 Do you like a nice clean no swearing, contemporary/Christian book... then Stars Shine After Dark is definitely for

 Mona is a young childhood star and is starting to feel drained/tired of acting. She would like a break and wants to go off to college.  When she goes to college she see this hunky football star Tim. When they meet things change and they want one another, but can it last or be another celebrity divorce?

 Tim is a football star and doesn't drink/party like typical football players. He sees Mona in the stands is in awe of her. She ends up going to a party after the game and they hit it off. It leads to many dates and falling in love with her. He wants to marry her, but is what he thought of their future enough to stand the test of time or just another

Mona and Tim are two remarkable people for their age. I enjoyed their banter, frustrations, friendships, got sad a few times during a few things... but that is what a relationship is about. This book showcases real life and things people hide from others and when you hide. Things often don't go the way you hope.

However, the question is can Mona and Tim be a great couple, can they find the spark or will lies, rumors and photos be the end? Or possibly can they find the "ah ha" moment and realize what is in front of them and remember all that matters? ... LOVE matters and when they can find/remind themselves of that all can be better!

I think this was a wonderful book and didn't want it to end. I wanted to know more about them! :)

 If you love a book that is sweet, contemporary, Christian,
  family/relationship values etc.. this is the book for you! Go check it

I'm trying to put together a cover for my next novel.  I made the cover for Day Camp in Hawaii using Paint, a basic photo editing tool that comes on most computers in the Accessories folder.  It's a beginner's program for cropping, adding words, or touching up the color here and there.
This was only my second attempt.  The reason it wasn't used on the published paperback is because Create Space crops the image by about half an inch on all four sides.  The words on the bottom of the page were cut off because they are too close to the edges.
Lesson learned.
This time, I made sure to give myself lots of room, but after three attempts, I just wasn't satisfied with the results.  The blurb is superimposed on a tree, and the leaves make the words hard to read.  I tried using the airbrush to darken the sun spots and new shoots, but it looked amateurish at best.  (take a look below.)  So I posted a cry for help on Facebook.
My daughter sent me this link

to a site that reviews the free photo editing programs available on the
internet.  She suggested Paint.Net because it is very similar to
Well, it's not.
Paint actually works!
If you don't know how to do something with Paint, you can click on Help and find the answer.  This program's help button takes you to Ask AOL, which lists the
help programs for every other editor out there except the one you're looking
for.  The forums are not sorted by category, there's no beginner's guide to
get you started, no search by subject like you get in Word, and the tutorials
are only accessed by the people who wrote them.
So, this project may take a little longer than I planned.  The first step is to keep looking
for a good photo editing program, and hope I don't use up all my memory before I
find one that a grandma can use.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.