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On Higher Ground just got another review by Kari Trumbo on her blog.
She gave the book three stars. 
Evidently, she doesn't like my angels, and thinks that everything I said about the "still small voice" should have been attributed to the Holy Spirit.  She's right.  Everything I said could be caused by the Holy Spirit.  But that's not the point.
The angels discuss why God says no to this prayer, and yes to that one.  They look at God's will from a different point of view than the humans do.  I had to use angels to do that.  I can't use the Holy Spirit as a character, because there isn't anyone else for Him to talk to.  The Spirit is one part of the Trinity.  They don't need to discuss their own plans, because they already agree on everything.
On Higher Ground is a work of fiction.  It's based on research, but it's still a fictional story.  And to make a story interesting, it has to include dialogue.  To accomplish that goal of being interestin, sometimes fiction has to take a step away from being real
I've received my first review on Amazon for my latest title, "On Higher Ground".  The review is both a compliment and a complement.
A compliment is when someone says something nice.  The review was a compliment because it said nice things, and gave the book four stars.  Compliment is spelled with an I that looks like a person who is saying something.
A complement is something that makes another thing complete.  A complementary color is on the opposite side of the color wheel.  When both colors are mixed, all three primary colors are present.  It's spelled with an e that looks like a color wheel that is divided in half.
The review was a complement because the reviewer sent me a private email that included a list of typos I didn't catch.  One of them was the word complement, which sent me running to the dictionary to see what he meant.  One of them was a glaring mistake.  So, if you're planning on buying the book, please give me a week to correct those mistakes.  I want you to have the best book I can write.
Melanie Worlds has run out of luck; no job, no friends, no future.  Desperately wanting to replace the middleclass life she once knew up on “the Hill”, her faith is being
tested to the limits.  JT, her newest friend, is up to something, but Melanie isn’t sure what it is.  And then Brad, her high school crush, comes back to town.  She can’t let
him know how bad it is, or he’ll lose all respect for her. And, to make matters worse, someone is trying to break into her apartment.  
None of her prayers are getting answered, and she feels all alone.  But she’s not. 
Two guardian angels have been assigned to help these three humans.  The angels know God’s plan, and it’s going to take everything they’ve got to pull it off.  To battle temptation, the angels will need to instill courage; courage to dare, courage to dream, and most of all, courage to love one another.

 People who have read the manuscript have this to say.

 “A stunning story of angels, wonder and redemption. Prepare to be amazed.”  Duffy Brown, author of “Iced Chiffon” and “Killer in Crinolines”

 “This is a novel with a lot of heart and soul.  But it's also a very grounded one, thanks to the vivid, sometimes gritty details that Paula Hrbacek weaves into the narrative. 
So many spiritual novels aren't, and the characters end up being mouthpieces for the author's beliefs. That doesn’t happen with “On Higher Ground”. Hrbacek gets her message across without ever losing sight of the story itself or making her characters into cardboard cut-outs. The main characters -- Melanie, J. T., and Brad -- are fully fleshed out.  We see them -- faulty lines, good intentions, and all -- and we care about what happens to them.”         
-- T. J. Banks, author of “Sketch People:  Stories Along the Way”.

 Paula Hrbacek is the author of “Stars Shine After Dark” and four non-fiction craft books.  She won first place in an international writing contest sponsored by Echoes of The Right to God in 2011.  She majored  in journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and writes two newspaper columns for The Examiner, an online newspaper. 

“On Higher Ground” is available in paperback, Kindle and Nook from Amazon and B&N.

 ISBN-13: 978-1492197300 
ISBN-10: 1492197300 
Size 5x8  
  364 pages 

Kindle version:   $2.99
 Paperback:     $14.95


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