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Author Tio Thomas is featuring an author interview with me on her blog, The Eternal Curse Series.  Tio writes dark stories about people with good moral values.  You can check out her books on the page as well.
The interview she is hosting was done several months ago, when On Higher Ground was still a manuscript.  She asked some interesting questions.
The interview has a chance to win a Kindle version of Stars Shine After Dark.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the interview.
Here's the link:

Stars Shine After Dark and On Higher Ground are both featured in an author interview on Empower to Prosper, a blog hosted by Paulette Harper.  You can see the article here:

Paulette is an award winning author herself, with one novel and three non-fiction books.  In addition to being a motivational speaker and minister's wife, she also has a promotional company that arranges for blog tours of books.  You can check out her titles and services on the web site. 
A new author interview is live on Rainy of the Dark. is run by Rainy Kaye, a blogger, writer, and aspiring overlord.  
Posts include articles about blogging, marketing, and writing;  interviews
with various individuals, both real and fictional; giveaways  that are easy to
enter; weekly discussion questions;  and occasional
personal updates and off-topic stories.
You can find my author interview here
A link for submitting your own interview is at the bottom of the page.

People who want to read a variety of Christian titles should subscribe to the Body and Soul Publishing web site.  It features new books in all types of Christian genres, giving the average star rating, and a link to the Amazon buying page. 
Authors can submit their titles to the list after they have several reviews.  On Higher Ground is featured on this page this week.
For more information, visit the site at