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Every year, when the tomatoes start to come in from the garden, our family craves BLT sandwiches.  There's no better way to eat a garden fresh tomato, in my opinion.
I can't believe that bacon is more than six dollars a pound--for fat.  Here's a thrifty alternative that is also healthy. 
Spread mayonnaise on one slice of bread, and sprinkle imitation bacon flavored bits into it.  The mayonnaise will glue the bits to the bread so that they don't fall out of the sandwich.  Then, continue adding the lettuce and tomato and pickles as you prefer.
Imitation bits are made from soy beans.  I've read articles saying that soy beans help with hot flashes.  They have protein, no fat, and add fiber to your diet.
Another rendition of the BLT that we enjoy is a BELT--bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato.  Just scramble an egg and cook it over hard in one sheet.

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