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I've received my first review on Amazon for my latest title, "On Higher Ground".  The review is both a compliment and a complement.
A compliment is when someone says something nice.  The review was a compliment because it said nice things, and gave the book four stars.  Compliment is spelled with an I that looks like a person who is saying something.
A complement is something that makes another thing complete.  A complementary color is on the opposite side of the color wheel.  When both colors are mixed, all three primary colors are present.  It's spelled with an e that looks like a color wheel that is divided in half.
The review was a complement because the reviewer sent me a private email that included a list of typos I didn't catch.  One of them was the word complement, which sent me running to the dictionary to see what he meant.  One of them was a glaring mistake.  So, if you're planning on buying the book, please give me a week to correct those mistakes.  I want you to have the best book I can write.
9/22/2013 07:25:44 am

Dear Paula,
My compliments to you and to your reviewer for your thoughtfulness. An extra one for you--thanks so much for sharing and helping other authors in so many ways. You are an amazing mentor.
Thank you,


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