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I've been busy settling my mother's estate.  At age 91, she didn't have the mobility to do much dusting.  A lot of her belongings were covered in dust.
Besides the sneezing dust causes, it also promotes the growth of mites.  Mites are very small bugs in the spider family.  They are so small they can't be seen by the human eye.  They feed on dander, dead skin cells, that are shed from our bodies.
When you start digging around in dusty environments, the mites will hop onto your body.  This causes itching because the bugs are eating the dead skin cells that are still attached to you.
My brother told me the secret to dealing with mites.  He recommended a product called Corn Husker's Lotion.  It is available at most stores in the hand lotion department.
Corn Husker's Lotion is a semi-opaque liquid.  I'm not sure what the ingredients are, but it feels a lot like aloe gel.  Just rub the liquid over anything that itches, and then some, and let it dry.  The gel smothers mites.
It can take more than one application to kill the bugs.  They seem to hop over to any place you missed.  But it's the only thing I've found that works on mites.
The next time I go to my mother's house, I'll be sure to bring a bottle with me.  Then, I won't have to itch all the way ho
Amber Babor
8/18/2018 11:51:41 pm

Hey did you wash it off after it dried or what was your steps to killing these critters


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