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My thumb isn't green, it's chartreuse.  Some things grow well, and others don't.  I'm not very good at remembering to water them.  When the leaves wilt, I usually remember.  Some times even that isn't enough.
When I plant flowers in flower pots and hanging containers, I put a piece of florist foam over the hole in the bottom of the pot.  It still allows for drainage when the rain soaks the soil, but when I forget to water the pot, it keeps the water from running out of the hole without moistening the dirt.
I don't buy new florist foam.  I save foam from cut flower arrangements. It's easy to cut with a sharp knife.
My watering routine is that when I go out on the back porch to drink a glass of lemonade, I dump the ice on a plant when I am done.  The ice melts slowly, which gives it time to soak into the dirt.  It means that the plant will get a little water every few days, which is better than no water at all.

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