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By now, you've figured out that I write two columns for The Examiner, a free online newspaper.  One column is about children's arts and crafts, with a focus on youth groups, after school care, teaching fine art, and beginning crafts.  The other column is about books, with a focus on sweet, mild, and clean romance, mystery and suspense, as well as news about children's picture books and books of interest to parents and teachers.

These articles stay in The Examiner's data base forever.  Finding the older stories can be tedious if you try to flip through their table of contents.  So, I've posted my articles on Pinterest, dividing them up into these categories:

Books Worth Reading--reviews of four and five star books.

After School Care--or any other type of recreational program

Art Lesson Plans--complete with Sunshine State Standards and assessment.

Crafts--all types of beginning projects, many of which use recycled materials.


Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts--with suggestions of rank and requirements.

Education--tips for classroom teachers

Events in Pensacola--usually happenings at the Art Museum, or a fund raiser.

Holiday Crafts

Household Projects--stuff to do to your home.

My books--yes, I'm proud of them and I want you to read them (and leave a review)!



Wedding crafts--stuff I made for my children when they got married a few years ago.  You'll have to wait a few more years for my youngest child to get married.

Writing and Publishing--tips for authors.

I hope this will help you find my older stories.  Please follow my boards at

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