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I went shopping for a new pillow.  I found several that met my criteria for a pillow; not too hard, not too lumpy, but then I started looking for my new criteria element.  Was it made in the USA?
The most expensive pillow was Beauty Rest.  The package said it was distributed by Wal-Mart.  Well, that's American, right?  Why didn't it say so on the package?  I looked and looked for the "made in the USA" label, but couldn't find it anywhere on the outside of the plastic bag.  Finally, I opened the package and looked on the label sewn to the pillow; the one you can't remove under penalty of law.  There, I found it.  "Hecho en Chine" is Spanish for "made in China".  What is wrong with that picture?
It takes a little longer to look for the "made in the USA" label, but I figure it is worth it.  If we want more jobs in this country, then each of us is going to have to take a stand.  If we don't buy American goods, the jobs won't happen.  We have to vote for jobs with our pocketbook.
Surprisingly, the American products aren't always the most expensive ones.  The next pillow down in price was American made.  I saved a few pennies by buying a Serta pillow.  I hope I saved

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