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I'd like to recommend this article to anyone who cares about the future of scouting.
This is a well-researched paper by a Baptist minister that affirms Christian belief that homosexual behavior is contrary to the nature of God as defined by all world religions.  I also agree with his suggestion that instead of folding a troop, a church that disagrees with the new policy should change their membership requirements, insisting that in order to join their troop, the boy must also be a member of that church.
The Catholic position is that all persons deserve love and respect, and that it is only the behavior and choices that are contrary to God.  God hates the sin, but loves the sinner.  By changing the membership requirements for the troop, the church can continue to provide a wonderful and fulfilling ministry to boys that will teach them how to be good men.  Folding a troop to protest the new change will only take this ministry away from the majority.  It will only satisfy the minority of activists who have been working to destroy the program anyway.
Elizabeth Scott
6/14/2013 04:18:34 pm

My son and I belong to a scout group who is chartered by a church. While the cgurch does not endorse the beliefs of homosexuality they also understand BSA is not about sexual orientation. It is about mentoring young men in becoming good citizens.


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