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I just finished reviewing yet another novel where the heroine was a best-selling author.  Yes, I realize that authors think we have the best job in the world, and we want people to envy us, but the role of being a writer is being used in novels to the point of being a cliché.  And then we complain about all the one-star wanna-be writers that are publishing on Amazon--people who are trying to become the same kind of person we admire.

Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, gave a very moving speech to congress about the lack of skilled tradesmen.  You can hear the speech here  He says that there aren't enough welders to hire.  I know that our school district always has a posting looking for a welding instructor in our local high schools.  If there aren't any teachers today, there won't be any welders in the future.

Perhaps, we as authors should support our country by writing about skilled tradesmen in our books.  I've known several sheet metal workers, ditch diggers and electricians.  They were all nice, loving people with good values, a good head on their shoulders, and compassion for their fellow man.  Perhaps all our heroes really need to be successful is a loving heart, a good home, and a willingness to work hard.  Perhaps if we admire the strengths that make someone truly successful, and pay less attention to fame and fortune, we can encourage more people to become the same way. 

12/3/2013 11:55:21 pm

What a wonderful idea! Books are a very viable way to slowly change the psyche of the populace, and it's a shame really. Most books do a horrible job, putting forth values that none of us really want. And that goes for all books, indie and traditionally published alike.

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12/4/2013 03:47:32 am

I filled out your form. It's OK with me. thanks.


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