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On Higher Ground just got another review by Kari Trumbo on her blog.
She gave the book three stars. 
Evidently, she doesn't like my angels, and thinks that everything I said about the "still small voice" should have been attributed to the Holy Spirit.  She's right.  Everything I said could be caused by the Holy Spirit.  But that's not the point.
The angels discuss why God says no to this prayer, and yes to that one.  They look at God's will from a different point of view than the humans do.  I had to use angels to do that.  I can't use the Holy Spirit as a character, because there isn't anyone else for Him to talk to.  The Spirit is one part of the Trinity.  They don't need to discuss their own plans, because they already agree on everything.
On Higher Ground is a work of fiction.  It's based on research, but it's still a fictional story.  And to make a story interesting, it has to include dialogue.  To accomplish that goal of being interestin, sometimes fiction has to take a step away from being real

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